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Our closed circuit television system is made up of several wire-guided wagons on which color cameras are applied. During the inspection, the mobile control unit is able to direct the movements of the camera and a monitor allows you to see live what is in the duct, highlighting in the lower part of the screen the length in cm, the meters traveled and the slope of the pipe measured by the wagon. The computer then processes the graphic layout using a special program that allows you to draw a map of the inspected route, highlighting the points of greatest interest.

All the equipment is set up on our vans which make up the mobile intervention units. The collected data are reworked into graphic and visual documents that allow the creation of a real database, which can be used for the global management of underground networks:


  • Final Report indicating in detail the result of the inspection with attached color photographs of the relevant points

  • Insertion on the User's computer network

  • Supply of data layout of the entire Television Inspection containing all the data collected. If the Authority is provided with a program for the management of the sewerage network, we can enter all the data obtained so that they can be used for a global management of the network.

  • USB PENDRIVE/DVD with High Definition data and images.


In the testing phase, the computerized television inspection constitutes a truly innovative service. With a minimum cost compared to the amount of the contract, our intervention allows you to check in a very precise way:


  • Correct laying of the pipes

  • The structural integrity of the pipeline

  • The absence of counter-slopes

  • The state of the joints inside pipes of any material and size.

This type of intervention integrates static and hydraulic testing, ensuring the future operation of the collector.



Using shutter balloons placed at the beginning and at the end of the line concerned, we carry out air or water seal tests according to the client's requests. The test takes place by isolating the section indicated by the balloons and bringing the pipeline under pressure for a defined period of time, carrying out checks on the sealing parameters at predefined intervals.



If the pipeline is operational, our inspection allows us to detect:


  • Size and characteristics of the pipeline

  • Slope

  • State of the joints and axial instabilities

  • Leaks, injuries or corrosion that cause pollution of the surrounding land and also subsidence and breakage of the roadway

  • Identification of connections with other pipelines, with civil and industrial discharges

  • Grafts carried out incorrectly or abusive couplings that overload the pipeline

  • Sediments and roots

  • Water infiltrations



This is another innovative service offered by our company.
By means of a probe with a self-verifying chamber, capable of inspecting pipes starting from a diameter of 10 cm., It is possible to check the operating conditions of the flues and downspouts when they are embedded in the walls. Through the video inspection it is possible to determine the best type of intervention for the rehabilitation, even without excavation, of the pipeline if necessary, ensuring the protection of the building and the tranquility of the residents. This type of intervention allows to preserve the aesthetic characteristics of both civil and industrial buildings, preventing irrational damage to the facades and construction characteristics which, especially in historic centers and condominiums, cause considerable inconvenience.


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