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If the damage is localized in one or a few sections, the choice of an integral lining of the pipeline could be uneconomical; it is therefore necessary to think of a type of punctual remediation that restores the conduct only where functionality has been compromised.
In these conditions, our No-Dig system allows the local repair of any type of pipe from 100 to 900 mm in a simple way. Using the principle of "repairing from the inside", the No-Dig system uses a stainless steel sheath coated with epoxy glue and introduced into the canalization by means of an expansion tube called a packer positioned with the aid of the camera. Thus, in a few moments, a steel joint is created that heals the damaged section by reinforcing its static properties without reducing its flow rate. The ductility of the resin, capable of sealing microscopic cracks, is combined with the remarkable strength of the steel that protects it and enhances its resistance. After hooking up, the packer can be removed immediately, freeing the pipe. The No-Dig system, in fact, unlike traditional non-destructive systems, does not require a by-pass and thus allows the operation of the sewer even during repair, which takes place extremely quickly.
The entire remediation phase with the No-Dig system is reported on an IT support returned by mail / USB key. On request, the report can also be supplied in paper / photographic version.

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