Rehabilitation Inspection Manhole

In the event that the rehabilitation involves not only the restoration of the conduits but also that of the manholes, CESA is able to complete the project thanks to this new type of intervention.

The covering of the product is executed through shotcrete (Perma-Cast system) utilizing the product MS 10000 (waterproofing, fast-curing cement) applied to the walls of the manhole with the aid of a high speed, rotating head, specific nozzle, until a thickness which may vary from 2 to 5 cm is reached, according to the requests. Such product can then be left rough or covered with COR+GARD resin, which improves its surface and the ease of movements of the liquids.


Another waterproofing system consists in positioning inside the product a polyester felt sheath, made purposely in one piece and saturated with thermosetting resin.

Polymerizing the resin, a coating for the bottom and the walls is obtained, in a single piece. Basically, a new resin manhole is built inside the existing one, which will become just a container protecting the new structure.

These two different systems are completely independent from each other and are chosen according to the extent and the characteristics of the work to be executed, still presenting identical waterproofing warranties, excellent adaptability to any shape and dimension, perfect compatibility with the liquids transported and an exceptional speed of execution.

The rehabilitation performed with our systems is guaranteed for ten years for the internal lining if not subject to external stresses that exceed the minimum required characteristics or mechanical failures executed without the proper competence.