CESA S.r.l. is part of a group of companies founded in 1960 which developed in the field of road construction. Additionally, since 1985, the company successfully positioned itself in the sector of services to Public Bodies and industries in the field of computerized televising inspections and reactivation without excavation, of any type of conduit. These services are offered to facilitate the work of all who are interested in operating from a perspective of restoration without creating inconveniences to the existing pipes but also for the testing of pipes just installed.


We use a robotic video camera system able to visualize inside the pipelines not only to verify their functioning but also to directly work on their restoration. This technology is suitable for any type of pipe both during the testing phase or after years of operation. It is able to find many applications including monitoring interventions, pipeline mapping as well as non-destructive restorations to solve both localized or more extensive malfunctioning.


Company activities


Division of Televising Inspections

Televising Inspections for testing and restoration without excavation of underground pipes

Product Division

Manufacturing in series of small cement products for road, highway and railway engineering



In-series production of pipes and products for sewer pipelines

The group also handles:

  • Design, installation and maintenance of civil and industrial purification systems.
  • Real estate management of lands and buildings.
  • Appreciation of agricultural land.